A professional Certified Public Accountant will help streamline the tax preparation process and make it as painless as possible. Whether you’re an expert or have no idea what you’re doing, there are glaring advantages to utilizing a CPA instead of doing taxes yourself. The following is a list of benefits that come with hiring a CPA.


Save Time

A CPA can handle complicated tax issues that might stump the average taxpayer. Spending extra time with these issues on your own can lead to frustration and errors. Professionals are incredibly familiar with the tax system and are able to perform tasks in a matter of minutes that could take you hours of work. The amount of time it will take you to organize and produce all relevant documents will absolutely be greater than the time you would spend letting a CPA handle your taxes.


Less Risk

When filing taxes on your own, you run the risk of error and you will be entirely accountable on the return. It is essential to review your work multiple times and comb over the material for errors. If you hire a CPA, there is much less risk for the average taxpayer and you’ll avoid problems down the road.


Better Quality Software

CPA’s use higher quality software that is more sophisticated than what can be purchased at the store. Advanced systems like these are automated and prevent human error that can be detrimental to your tax return. They are able to quickly and efficiently scan information and organize forms. If minimizing risk is a chief concern, CPA software is a safe bet.


The Human Aspect

Building a relationship with a CPA will allow them to fully understand your finances and goals. If a CPA understands your history and future plans, they can make informed decisions on how to best help you and your family. A computer can never replace genuine human interaction and understanding. CPA’s are available for questions year round, not just during your annual review. This gives you a viable resource for tax inquiries as they arise. Online help proves to be insufficient in many cases, especially when knowing whether or not you qualify for deductions.



People are generally more comfortable with having someone on their side when faced with life’s difficulties. A CPA is there to help you get the most from your taxes. Hiring a trustworthy human being that is looking out for your best interest is worth the money. Even if you consider yourself an expert, it can be a highly uncomfortable experience to do your own taxes; relax, and leave the work to the professionals.