Endorsed local providers important

ELPs are real estate, CPA’s, and money professionals whose commitment to customer service and strong principles sets them apart. They must have an established and proven practice, be in good standing with state and professional organizations and have the heart of a teacher, not a salesperson. Every day, thousands of Americans turn to us to find professionals they can trust.

It has become increasingly complicated to find trustworthy and competent investment advisors, realtors, insurance agents or tax services. There are too many lazy businesses and too many unfulfilled promises. It is important to find an accomplished professional, such as Dave Ramsey, that people can trust. That’s why the Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) program is such a sought after network of endorsed professionals who people know will be held accountable. What started as a service for one city has now grown to help hundreds of thousands of people across the nation.

What are ELP qualifications?

Qualifications for an ELP are looked at hard and long. Professionals who meet the following requirements are ones who have the heart of a teacher, put the client’s needs first, have proper licensing and active license in good standing, agree to help clients based on Dave Ramsey’s principles, are willing to serve every level of investor, are in good standing with FINRA and have a proven history in investing. Tax professional ELPs must be a CPA or enrolled agent who can give wise advice on tax issues, prepare taxes, help with bookkeeping, assist with personal business accounting, etc.; be able to focus on individual, family and small business clients; and maintain all continuing education requirements. Insurance ELPs must be independent Insurance agent actively marketing policies from multiple carriers; actively market major medical PPO’s, HMO’s, and HSA’s; and be full-time brokers (i.e. not a part-time job). Real Estate ELPs must be licensed and practicing real estate full time for at least five years, be a high producer in their particular market (i.e. 40-120 transactions a year), have the heart of a teacher and be willing to take time with clients to explain the process, be committed to service (i.e. will return phone calls promptly, show the house, advertise it properly, etc.) and have a record of demonstrating this service over time, be willing to provide real estate advice based on Dave Ramsey’s principles, and be willing to work with anyone, regardless of financial position. In the real estate ELP program, the nature of that business demands more than one ELP. In larger cities. In such cases, each ELP serves an exclusive part of the city. For example, there may be four investing ELPs in Atlanta but each of the four serves different parts of the city.

Ramsey program well received

Dave Ramsey’s ELP program has been extremely well received. It is very selective when it comes to giving professionals the use of their name. They only look for companies who put the needs of their clients first, have all of their proper licensing, have the heart of a teacher and agree to a strict set of principles when helping clients. When you give an ELP your personal information, you are guaranteed that the information will only be shared with individuals who have been ELP approved. You may wonder why they don’t simply give you a list of local ELP rated professionals. This is so that Dave Ramsey’s ELP can ensure a high level of customer service, and should that rare problem arise, they’ll know which ELP you were working with and will be able to hold them accountable. This program is an easy way for you to get in touch with high quality, trustworthy professionals in your area and provides national advertisers when the products or services can be delivered throughout the entire country without compromising quality. America’s trusted voice on money and business, Ramsey is a personal money management expert and extremely popular national radio personality. His three New York Times best-selling books – Financial Peace, More Than Enough and The Total Money Makeover – have sold more than 6 million copies combined. His latest book, EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, releases in September 2011.

By age 26 he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age 30. Using the wisdom he gained, Ramsey rebuilt his financial life and now teaches others how to be responsible with their money, so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, retire with dignity, and give generously to others. Ramsey offers life-changing messages as host of a nationally syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, which is heard by 4.5 million listeners each week, on more than 500 radio stations throughout the United States. He is the creator of Financial Peace University (FPU), a 13-week program that helps people dump their debt, get control of their money, and learn new behaviors around money that are founded on commitment and accountability. More than one million families have attended FPU classes at their workplace, church, military base, local nonprofit organization, community group or Spanish speaking organization.